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Barry Stuppler

We at PQ Approved by Stuppler have been selling high quality Gold and Silver coins since 1960! In that 50+ Years of experience we have handled hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investment quality rare coins. In addition, we have built several of the finest collections for our clients, with many valued well into 8 figures! We know what a Premium Quality (PQ) coin looks like. Our goal is to protect both new and experienced collectors by providing them with a true expert’s opinion of a high quality coin for a particular grade. Located in the Los Angeles Valley our founder Barry Stuppler has spent his career dedicated to protecting investors/collectors in this industry. He is not only well-known and respected by dealers in the industry, but high end investors as well. With Mr. Stuppler’s 50+ years of experience in the numismatic industry he has founded, ran, and worked with almost every major organization in the Coin industry. Just to scratch the surface these organizations include, but are not limited to:

    • Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) – Original/Authorized Dealer. Founded in 1986, PCGS is the first major grading service that came to be recognized worldwide and grades approximately half of all coins certified today. Barry Stuppler was one of the original market-makers of PCGS and is currently an authorized dealer. In order to insure PQ that all coins are graded fairly, Mr. Stuppler no longer holds any ownership stake in PCGS.
    • Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) – Authorized Dealer Founded in 1987 by former PCGS Graders NGC is the second major grading service to enter the industry and encapsulate coins. NGC also has a market share of almost 50% showing NGC is among the top 2 grading services in the industry. Our founder Barry Stuppler is also an Authorized Dealer of NGC as well.
    • American Numismatic Organization (ANA) – Past President/Vice President/Governor The largest numismatic organization in the World the ANA is comprised of over 30,000 Collectors and Dealers. Mr. Stuppler served for 9 years as a Governor, Vice President, and President of this noble organization where his primary specialty was Consumer Protection.
    • Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG) Board Member- A voted-in organization comprised of about 300 members worldwide of the most well respected and well known Coin Dealers. This organization works very closely with eBay as well to protect customers buying Gold and Silver.
    • Gold and Silver Political Action Committee (G & S PAC) – Founder and President The Gold & Silver Political Action Committee supports Federal candidates with an interest in issues, legislation and regulations important to the marketing, ownership and sales of rare and collectible coins, currency and precious metals. Mr. Stuppler created this organization to represent the entire precious metals industry in Washington D.C. and is honored to be its current President.
    • California Coin and Bullion Merchant Association (CCBMA) – Founder and President CCBMA is the only California Coin & Precious Metal Dealer Organization that works with elected and appointed government officials to inform them of the benefits of rare coin and precious metal ownership. As a member service CCBMA also provides statewide theft and recovery reporting for any stolen coins. Mr. Stuppler is proud to not only be the founder but also the current President of the CCBMA.
    • Industry Council for Tangible Assests (ICTA) – Co-Founder and Board Member ICTA serves as the national trade association for all dealers, collectors, and investors. With Mr. Stuppler’s experience this organization assists the entire precious metals industry in many national issues.


Don Ketterling
Chief Grader

Mr. Donald Ketterling was appointed as PQ Approved’s Chief Grader after already earning a reputation as a well-known and experienced rare coin dealer. Mr. Ketterling started his career in the early 1960’s where he was employed as a teenager in his hometown coin shop. Since then Mr. Ketterling has had a fantastic career where he has marketed and sold close to $1 Billion in rare coins not including bullion. In addition, he also has been a part of several major companies and organizations. Some of them include, but are not limited to:

    • American Numismatic Association (ANA) – A life member and well known grader with a “sharp eye” Mr. Ketterling was invited by the ANA in 2011 to teach the “Advanced Rare Coin Grading” course offered by the ANA every summer. Due to his excellent performance and strong demand Mr. Ketterling continues to teach each year and intends to do so annually for the foreseeable future.
    • Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) – A member since 1988 Mr. Ketterling has been a well-respected member of this prestigious organization for over 25 years. He also volunteers his expertise as an arbitrator when called upon.
    • Numismatic Consumer Alliance (NCA) – A member in good standing this organizations primary goal is to protect consumers by helping them recover money from companies who have used fraud or misrepresentation in their marketing practices.
    • Industry Council for Tangible Assests (ICTA) – A Board Member since 2009 Mr. Ketterling began another two-year term in 2013 and assumes the duties of Vice-Chairman beginning in January 2014.
    • In 1986, was one of the 30 original market-makers that approved the original PCGS grading set and helped launch it to industry acceptance and prominence.
    • In addition to the organizations listed above, Mr. Ketterling also is a life member of Florida United Numismatists, Central States Numismatic Society, California State Numismatic Association, Society of Paper Money Collectors, Professional Currency Dealers Association and the National Silver Dollar Roundtable, for which he serves as Treasurer.