PQ Approved Standards

PQ Approved wants you to be proud of every coin you own. Learn more about the kinds of coins that meet our high standards.


About PQ Approved

With over 50 years of experience building several of the finest collections in the world, we know a Premium Quality (PQ) coin when we see it. Our goal is to protect you from acquiring flawed coins and ensure the value and eye appeal of your collection/investments.


How to Submit for PQ?

Would you like to submit your coins for PQ Approval? Please click on the link below for details.

PQ Approved’s founder and head grader have nearly a century of combined experience evaluating, teaching grading standards, and authenticating U.S. rare coins. Each of them has inspected millions of coins over the past 50 years and fully understand what a Premium Quality (PQ) coin looks like. With this vast experience, we know what coin collectors and investors appreciate. Our goal is to protect both new and experienced collectors by providing them with an actual grading expert’s opinion of coins that are truly high quality for their particular grade.